In the most difficult moment of her life, Maria Eugenia Rubio opened the way for Música Para El Alma. Manager and mentor, she left this path perfectly prepared for all of us to find effortlessly, an open door to a dimension of music based on giving selflessly to others.

Whilst suffering from a severe disease, and with truly exceptional wisdom and emotional intelligence, Eugenia understood very well where to invest her time and efforts; who to pour the connecting force of her music onto.
The dedication to music shown by the instrumentalist unites audiences and performers in the powerful bond of the emotions that is causes. There is no melody that can be imagined without the feeling of touching others.

With this key left by Eugenia, the dedication and love of Música Para El Alma has found new meanings. Music became a tool aimed at people in need, people suffering greatly, either due to illness, social marginalization, disabilities, etc. Eugenia visualised Música Para El Alma as an even more luminous connection. It was not only about the emotions aroused by music. It is also about affections: to imagine the other person’s situation, is to empathize with those suffering or lacking emotional support. Música Para El Alma encourages a social culture based on affection, compassion and inclusion of others through music, by taking it to wherever it is most needed.

What is our social role as musicians? Where lies the secret as well as the power of the circulation of affections and caring? Música Para El Alma tries to recover the joy, dedication and passion for the profession we have chosen by manifesting our support and solidarity for others who, due to their health, disability or marginalized condition, cannot go to the traditional places where music is offered.

We strongly believe that this is the source of our commitment to carrying music to others, to combat the loneliness of the suffering person, to reintegrate marginalized people into the new institutional maps of music.
Choirs, brasses, flutes, clarinets and vocal and instrumental soloists come together to say YES to a new way of doing our work, clothing and valuing, for example, the invaluable work of the guitar teacher and his children from the Shantytown Cava , the commitment of the teacher who teaches painting to the blind, along with many anonymous persons: teachers, nurses, doctors, assistants, volunteers, family and friends, all of those who give shelter to the sick and helpless.

To simply “Give”, without conditions, without fear. To offer our soul is to strengthen others, as well as to strengthen ourselves. To integrate, to converse, to re-connect. Give and do well with the heart. Offer yourself freely. Be able and ready to embrace.

Música Para El Alma was born from love as well as from loss.
From the dignity of being with the other, of looking them in the eye and recognising yourself in the other.

Adriana Bergero