Bolivia Tour 2017

March 27th, 2017

More than 80 Bolivian musicians have already been registered to participate in La Paz, Cochabamba, and Santa Cruz!

Concerts in Children’s Hospitals and Nursing Homes, sowing more seeds of this solidarity project Free and independent in Latin American countries.
We already visited Uruguay, Chile, Peru, and Ecuador.

If you are a professional musician in orchestras or choirs of La Paz, Cochabamba or Santa Cruz, we invite you to join the solidarity concerts:

La Paz:
Santa Cruz:

March & April News. MPA moves forward.

March 18th, 2017

2017 begins with a new format of concerts named EAPP (Artistic Encounters for children). While a narrator tells a story, a text is interlaced with music. At the end of the story, the small patients are invited to play violins (small size, designed for the learning of children) and to share with the participation of musicians. This structure and concerts “debuted” in December 2016 in a Children’s Home of Lanús, In March we visited…

MPA awarded with the CILSA 2016 Award for Social Commitment

June 28th, 2016

MPA have been selected by CILSA, NGOs for inclusion, to give the CILSA Award for Music 2016 Solidarity Initiative According CILSA, this distinction is made for the eighth consecutive year, is to highlight publicly personalities of great social recognition, profile severally undertake for the good of others.

MPA greatly CILSA thanks for the honor of choosing.

With Patch Adams in the Garrahan Hospital for children.

November, 2014.

Warm Saturday afternoon. Garrahan Hospital. A group of ordinary people is approaching the place. Upon arrival, they take some hats, clown noses, wigs. Other timidly take instruments. At first it is somewhat messy, nobody knows what to do or where to go. They manage to organize a little, and start playing the Alleluia and the magic begins.

Luca, drummer Children's Hospital of La Plata

December, 2015

This is Luca, hospitalized for several days in the Children’s Hospital of La Plata. His dream was to return to play drums. A request was placed by social networks and the next day the battery was with him.

A keyboard for Caren

April, 2014

We met Caren at her 12 years, at the Children’s Hospital “Guitierrez” in 2012. On that occasion we accompany the internment of Caren, visiting and playing the cello for her. His mother would tell us a while later, with her daughter already at home, that our visit had generated keen to learn an instrument.

A miracle for Lorenzo

August, 2014

One of the many stories we met in the project “Música para el alma”. Valeria is the mother of Lorenzo, a child with epilepsy. She told us about the therapeutic effects of so-called Mozart effect, which helps reduce attacks in people with the disease. In particular, the K448 sonata Mozart is the most appropriate.